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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Weight Loss Motivation


Motivation is one of the most important factors which determines how successful we are at what we do. It is the driving force that gives us the will to accomplish tasks and eventually succeed at reaching an ultimate goal. Motivation levels can vary each day depending on how we feel, or how we view certain experiences. For anyone to succeed at slimming motivation will be the most important part to work at, it will provide us with the determination to get up and exercise even if we don't feel up to it. Motivation also drives us to stick to the low fat selections and recipes required to keep our progress moving.

The strength of your motivation will determine how successful you are in your weight loss efforts as the more you progress and lose weight the more difficult it will be to lose more as the body is pushed past its natural set points. Many top conditioning coaching admit that its possible to gain amazing results when an individual's motivation is high, even if the training program is not "scientifically correct".


Most dieters will have some degree of motivation as they have already decided to take action. The problem for many is keeping the levels high enough to prevent any relapse.

Work through some of the following ideas and see if these can increase your desire for success!


The most common reason people lose interest in exercise / dieting is due to unrealistic goals. Some see the images in the media or television and this coveys the message of how we are supposed to look, adverts enforce these images with false promises like "you too can have a body like this!", and we believe it! When the desired goals aren't reached we're made to believe we have failed.

We need to put these images into prospective and realise that most of the population just do not have the genetic predisposition to look like the models in the magazines, plus most images are now adjusted by computers to look better than they actually are.

Learn to love yourself for who you are, not who you wish to be. Acknowledge that you need to improve your health or weight, but believe that you will do what you can to be the best you can possibly be. The constant pressure and stress of trying to turn yourself into someone you physically cannot be will stop, and it'll be an enormous weight off the shoulders, you'll be surprised at how good it will make you feel and how this can help drive your motivation to make realistic improvements. When we understand and appreciate our bodies, we are able to work with them, not against them!


Many of us have a tendency to look at our bad points, however once you start to accept yourself it will be easier to focus on the positive side more. To make it easier try writing a list of all the good things in what you've done or what you like about your physical self. Practice running these positives through your mind regularly, it may take time but its surprising what you can believe if it is said enough times - remember the past believe that you could look like the models if you obtain the right diet!

1.if you don't reach a goal when you want, just focus on the fact that you will get there in time

2.remember how far you've got not how far you need to go

3.if you miss a workout one day don't worry just go back with more vigour to improve

4.remind yourself that a worthwhile pay-off lies ahead in an improved you

5.remember the exercise is improving your health and fitness and will help increase longevity

6.remember exercise has many psychological benefits including renewed confidence and self esteem

7.any type of action always drives motivation

To boost motivation some dieters need to development of a different "mind set". For some people hypnotherapy has work really well to help gain more control over the mind!


Setting goals has the advantage of focusing on what you intend to achieve. A goal acts as a form of mental contract with yourself and your degree of motivation will drive you to complete that contract. If the goal is too hard to achieve it can affect your success. The subconscious mind does not distinguish between big or little, it only knows success or failure. If you set a goal of four training sessions each week but only complete three then the mind sees this as a failure. For this reason you must set realistic and easily reachable goals. When you attain each goal it gives momentum to increase the level of motivation further.

Try these tips:

1. write down your goals

2. set easy goals often so you create a habit of success in the mind

3. set measurable goals - I will lose 1 pound each week. This gives you something to go for

4. tell friends and family about your goals for motivational support

5. make any routine fun and exciting to help maintain interest

6. try new challenging goals to stop your normal routine from becoming a chore

7. reward your success on reaching a goal

8. think positively, replace thoughts like "I can't" with "I can and I will"

9. don't set goals that are too much too soon

Source : Weight Loss For All

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