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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

400 lbs - 247 lbs...

Hi everyone,

I have spoken with a few members on this board that have encouraged me to post my before and during pics. I have decided to do so this evening. I am far from being at my goal but I continue to work hard at it. If these can help anyone, I am happy to share them....even though my stomach feels like it's in a million knots with the thought of posting them.

I pretty much avoided cameras as much as I could so I don't have a full length (that I can find at the moment) of when I was 400 lbs (actually I was 403 lbs. but I rounded it off to 400 lbs. when I first started the board and Atkins on July 19-08 .

As of today, I am 13 lbs lighter from the most recent picture that was taken of me on Jan 18-09....as of today I am 234 lbs. I didn't have a new picture taken but instead will post a new one when I am 200 or in "Onederland"...which I can not wait for!!!

403 lbs...

At 320 lbs. Aug 19-08

At 283 lbs. Oct 30-08

At 272 lbs. Nov 16-08

At 247 lbs. Jan 18-09

At 247 lbs. Jan 18-09 (2nd picture taken from same day as above)

The first picture I posted is when I was at 403 lbs, the 2nd picture was when I was 320 lbs (Aug 19-2008 ) the 3rd pic is when I was 283 lbs (Oct 30-2008 ) the 4th was when I was at 272 lbs (Nov 16-2008 ) the 5th and 6 th picture was when I was at 247 lbs (Jan 18-09).

Heaviest weight last year- 400 lbs. (2007)
April 1, 2008 - 387 lbs. (This is when I initially started to lose weight…but was not on Atkins at this point)
Atkins start weight – 347 lbs. (July 19, 2008 – began Atkins)
1st major goal met -----100 lbs. lost as of Oct 2, 2008 - Hit 300 lbs. on this day – From April 1-08 when I initially begin to lose weight.
2nd major goal met - 151 lbs. lost as of Jan 13, 2009 - Hit 249 lbs. on this day.
Current weight – 234 lbs.
Goal weight - 150 – 160

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