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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Best Food Tips to Help Lose Weight

Many people who want to lose weight find it difficult to know which foods to choose for the best weight loss results. Losing weight by swapping and changing to different diets is not the best way, we need to find a way of reducing energy content from the normal foods we eat every day. We need to learn certain food rules to help form better eating habits.

We should learn to pick out the best foods from our normal daily diet and use them to form the basis for our new healthy eating habits. This gives familiarity to the new way of eating rather than the idea that the individual is "on a diet". Trying to lose weight on a specific diet relays the message that it will end some day. When a diet ends many people gain back most, if not all the weight lost.

Here are some suggestions on how to eat foods to help lose weight...

Try not to have too much variety of food for each meal

Evidence has shown humans always consume more food and calories when there is more choice on offer. For example, have you ever been at a buffet style meal where its “eat all you can” no matter how much we eat there always seems to be room for one more item maybe that delicious looking dessert or ice cream!

Many diets in the past have been based on a similar principle, the cabbage soup diet, the vegetable diet, etc.

Health experts state always eat a balanced diet which may seem to contradict the above statement. However, it is possible to select a balanced diet and lower amount of choice for each meal by eating regular small meals.

Be careful what you add to healthy foods

Salads are one of the best foods for losing weight, they very popular for many dieters trying to lose the weight fast. The problem is people often add sauces or creams to add taste to an otherwise bland food. Mayonnaise is a common addition to salads but it is very high in calories and fat and a salad with too much Mayonnaise can be just as high in calories than some of the worst weight loss foods.

Baked potatoes are also a great food to help lose weight when part of a small, low calorie meal but again, some people spoil this great example by adding tons of butter. Filling a baked potato with baked beans or cottage cheese is probably the best way to add taste and more nutrition to this low calorie food.

The idea is when choosing the best foods to help lose weight try not to neutralize the food's possible weight loss benefits, be careful with what you add!

Eat a little high quality protein food with each meal or snack

One study in the UK for the atkins diet has shown that it wasn't the low carbs that were the reason the volunteers were losing weight, it also wasn't the ketosis which was causing the body to boost the metabolism. In fact it was believed to be the protein content. The protein in each meal was helping to dull the appetite causing volunteers to actually consume less calories than those on the low fat diet.

If Dr Atkins discovered protein's ability to suppress appetite then why don't we simply include some protein at each meal without the hassle or expense of completely changing our whole dietary foods in order to lose weight.

Adding protein food to each meal along with the idea of eating more meals in a day may be difficult to keep calories low enough to lose weight. This idea means adding another "choice", plus protein foods are often high in calories. To combat this problem some people combine protein foods, combining certain plant foods can help lose weight because they are usually low in calories, high in fiber and it limits the choice of foods within each meal as only two types of plant foods need to be combined.


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