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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rope Skipping To Losing Weight

Benefits of rope skipping exercise to losing weight..

Another great exercise for burning calories is rope skipping. Once you learn how to jump rope properly with good coordination it will be possible to continue rope skipping for longer periods. Because rope jumping is a fairly energetic exercise lots of calories can be burned during a twenty minute session of skipping.

Rope skipping is generally considered as anaerobic type of exercise thus it is not a great exercise for burning fat directly, even though it does burn a great deal of energy. However rope jumping can be an ideal exercise for a great cardio workout to help develop higher fitness levels, and this will help develop a much better energy system allowing the body to burn fat more effectively when performing other less intense exercises. Effective weight loss doesn't always mean choosing exercise which burn fat directly, all exercises have their benefits and it is probably best to use various exercises when attempting to lose weight. This also helps maintain motivation levels because you'll never be doing the same exercises day in day out.

Positive and negative sides to losing weight by rope skipping.

Benefits of rope jumping to lose weight...
1. simple to learn

2. low cost to buy rope

3. increases fitness

4. improved strength and endurance

5. strengthens bones

6. improves coordination and agility

7. can be fun with friends

Negative side to skipping when losing weight....
1. injury potential for overweight people

2. not a great overall fat burner

3. may become boring after a few workouts

Choosing the best exercise to burn the most fat can be a hard because everyone has various fitness levels and abilities so require different needs. Weight loss may be more effective if the individual uses various forms of exercise which will boost the metabolism and help burn fat from fat cells.

Source: Weight Loss For All
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