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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Healthy Bones - Properly align your spine

Body alignment refers to how your head, shoulders, spine and hips positions relate to each other. You can reduce stress on the spine with a good, proper alignment.

Here’s how you can practice a proper alignment:

Stand against a wall with your heels 2 inches away from the wall.
Flatten your back against the wall, and tighten your stomach
Look straight ahead.
Lift your breast bone, so you slightly expand your chest cavity.
Maintain this position, and take a look in the mirror.
Sitting posture

When sitting, your feet should be flat on the floor.
Use a pillow to support your lower back that allows you to maintain a normal arch in your back.
Keep your head, back, and hips in alignment.
Your hips and knees should be at the same level.
Try not to lean forward, keeping your head straight with your body.
Good Walking Posture

Walk with your feet pointing straight ahead.
Maintain good alignment for head, shoulders, back, and hips.
Do not lock your knees, and always keep them slightly bent.
Bending down and lifting

Do not bend your back and let your back do all the lifting.
Bend down with your legs, and let your legs do the lifting.
Keep your feet about shoulder width, and squat or kneel down to pick up the object.
Bring the item up to waist level, and lift up with your legs.
Try not to lift anything too heavy. Ask for help if needed.


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